Deep Sea Diving

Stillson Concept Helmet has joined Classic DESCO Diving Helmets

Stillson Concept HelmetThe Stillson Concept Helmet has officially joined the line of Classic DESCO diving helmets. The "Stillson" was originally built as fill in work during slow periods. Our intent was to try and make the helmet pictured in the 1915 Stillson Report. The helmet we created was supposed to be a one off made from stock parts we modified, and whatever we could beg, borrow, or steal. There appears to be enough interest in this helmet to make it a viable product. Helmet 001 is the prototype and was made with some cobbled together parts. It is not for sale and now resides in DESCO's helmet collection. The first production helmet 002 has been committed. We still have to time study producing the Stillson to establish a proper retail price. Normally we could use other helmets as a basis but the fairleads on the Stillson change the process. The fairleads have to be fabricated from billet, which is time consuming. In the future if production warrants the expense of making patterns for the fairlead parts might be justified.