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Air Hats for Commercial Diving

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DESCO Air Hat Product Number: 61000 $7,068.00 View Product
Welding Shield for DESCO Air Hat Product Number: 61001 $240.00 View Product
Safety Rope Assembly Product Number: 61151 $40.00 View Product
Double Exhaust Replacement Product Number: 60231 $784.75 View Product
Center section Product Number: 60233C $372.50 View Product
Top section Product Number: 60236C $496.75 View Product
Knurled cap Product Number: 53028 $57.00 View Product
Flapper guard Product Number: 60238 $79.50 View Product
Plunger Product Number: 53024 $90.25 View Product
Clamp & Lock Set Product Number: 61040 $310.75 View Product
Lock Product Number: 61038 $29.00 View Product
Clamp Product Number: 61034/5 $102.00 View Product
Clamp screw Product Number: 61030 $17.25 View Product
Lock screw Product Number: 61037 $2.50 View Product
Clamp & lock nut Product Number: 61032 $1.75 View Product
Neck Ring Insert Assembly Product Number: 61050 $423.50 View Product
Neck ring insert Product Number: 61051 $293.50 View Product
Neck Dam Product Number: 61052 $102.00 View Product
Neck seal o-ring Product Number: 61054 $29.00 View Product
Neck ring gasket Product Number: 61036 $27.00 View Product
Window assembly complete Product Number: 61075 $135.50 View Product
Window Product Number: 61076 $108.50 View Product
Window gasket Product Number: 61077 $20.50 View Product
Window screws (6) Product Number: 61078 $15.00 View Product
Head piece assembly-complete Product Number: 61100 $305.00 View Product
Liner support with top & side pads Product Number: 61101-4 $100.00 View Product
Liner Product Number: 61106 $168.00 View Product
Top pad Product Number: 61113 $21.00 View Product
Side pad Product Number: 61112 $16.00 View Product
Non-return(surface) Product Number: 59091 $105.00 View Product
Non-return(bail-out) Product Number: 59091B $105.00 View Product
Valve handle, small machined Product Number: 61133S $65.00 View Product
Microphone w/clips (new style) Product Number: 61205 $32.00 View Product
Air distributor/muffler w/lambswool Product Number: 61135 $16.00 View Product
Replacement Parts Kit for DESCO Air Hat Hard Product Number: 61000K $120.00 View Product
Replacement Parts Kit for DESCO Air Hat Soft Product Number: 61099 $258.00 View Product

Shop the Best Air Hats to Protect Divers During Hazerdous Deep Sea Diving

DESCO provides you with superior quality deep sea diving equipment. We pride ourselves on being the number one manufacturer of air hats for over 40 years. DESCO continuously complies with and exceeds all legal safety requirements and regulations of the commercial diving industry. Enjoy your deep sea adventures with comfort in our specifically designed air hat. It is the preferred diving helmet for working in hazardous environments where contamination of the diver is a concern. The "free flow" or "overpressure" design allows for a constant positive pressure to be maintained in the Air Hat. The standard double exhaust incorporates two separate successive seals to restrict the possibility of leak back. Looking for something particular? DESCO Corporation will modify and customize the perfect Air Hat for you.

Shop our full selection of deep sea diving helmets or contact DESCO for customization and retrofit options for diving helmets today!
Air Hats for Commercial Diving