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DESCO Commercial Free Flow Mask Product Number: 59069C $865.00 View Product
Communications System for DESCO Mask Product Number: 59800B $242.00 View Product
Light Duty Diving Outfit Product Number: 61350 $2,684.00 View Product
Head Harness with clips Product Number: 59041 $70.00 View Product
Small Buckle Product Number: 59046 $17.00 View Product
Extension Buckle Product Number: 59035 $20.00 View Product
Lead Washer Product Number: 57034 $1.55 View Product
Lead Gasket Product Number: 54055 $3.10 View Product
Air Control Valve/Commercial Mask Product Number: 59003 $140.00 View Product
Exhaust Valve Assembly Product Number: 59028 $110.00 View Product
Mask Frame Replacement Product Number: 59065 $220.00 View Product
Commercial Inhale Elbow Product Number: 60001 $50.00 View Product
Spare Parts & Repair Kit Product Number: 60008 $190.00 View Product
Set Screw - Exhaust Flapper Product Number: 53037 $1.75 View Product
Nut - Exhaust Set Screw Retaining Product Number: 54016 $1.75 View Product
Exhaust Valve Flapper Disk Product Number: 56026 $13.00 View Product
Spring - Non-Return Valve Product Number: 57029 $11.25 View Product
Non-Return Valve (surface) Product Number: 59091 $113.00 View Product
Plate - Non-Return Valve Product Number: 52030 $17.25 View Product
Close Cap Product Number: 23219 $30.00 View Product

Deep Sea Diving Masks For All Commercial and Deep Sea Diving Excusions

DESCO Corporation, your top choice deep sea diving manufacturer, has produced the best diving masks for your comfort and safety for years. Dating back to WWII, the US Navy mask has been an inspiration to continue to provide only the best in diving masks and equipment. From Commercial Free Flow Diving Masks to DESCO Pool Cleaning Masks, we’ve got you covered. All of our diving masks feature a compact, lightweight design which keeps you safe and comfortable as you breathe underwater. Whether you need a mask for pool repairs, warm waters, freezing cold waters, or contaminated environments, our masks are versatile and durable.

Diving Mask Repair Parts

Never worry about your diving mask malfunctioning when you shop DESCO’s unbeatable selection.  We also provide repair kits and parts for each of our diving masks as well as reliable communication systems. Our repair parts are great for replacing dysfunctional parts of your mask without spending money on a brand new one. We recommend pairing your mask and diving outfit with our Full Face Mask Communication System to enhance worker communication for better production. When you’re looking for top quality diving masks for all your commercial diving applications, shop DESCO’s selection today!

Shop our selection of diving masks and contact DESCO for more options and information. Don’t miss the out on the rest of our diving equipment available online now.
Diving Masks for Commercial Use