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Dress Cuffs-Pair Product Number: 26017 $200.00 View Product
Cuff Expanders Product Number: 21182 $200.00 View Product
Cuff Rings and Clamps Product Number: 29045 $250.00 View Product
Cuff Strap Product Number: 60011 $14.00 View Product
Chaps Product Number: 60225 $120.00 View Product
Cuff Ring Wrench Product Number: 29045W $45.00 View Product
US Navy lightweight dive shoes Product Number: 29078B $833.00 View Product
Kevlar gloves Product Number: 26016-5 $60.00
View Product
Siebe Collar Product Number: Siebe $275.00 View Product
Three Bolt Neck Dam Product Number: 27036 $225.00 View Product

Shop Dry Suit Accessories to Complete Your Dry Suit for Deep Sea Diving

DESCO is the master North American importing distributor for Viking Dry Suits and accessories. Not only do we supply these superior quality suits to dealers, we offer the parts and accessories you need to complete your dry suit here online. DESCO Corporation carries chaps, cuff expanders, cuff ring wrenches, cuff rings and clamps, straps, cuffs and other important or useful deep sea diving dry suit accessories. Contact DESCO for more information about our Viking Dry Suits today, and shop for all your accessories here online.

DESCO offers a complete selection of diving equipment and accessories to give you a safe and thorough deep sea diving experience. DESCO is proud to offer the Viking 3 Piece "Artic" Underwear. With dual layers of insulation, this drysuit undergarment will be your perfect base layer to ensure you stay dry, warm and comfortable. For all your deep diving supply needs rely on the best diving equipment and supply company.

Shop our selection of dry suit accessories now and be sure to check out our full selection of commercial and deep sea diving equipment online now.
Dry Suit Accessories