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Viking Pro Dry Suit Product Number: Viking Pro $3,282.00 View Product
Viking HD Dry Suit Product Number: Viking HD $3,303.00 View Product
Viking HDS Dry Suit Product Number: Viking HDS $4,088.00 View Product
Viking Protech Dry Suit Product Number: Viking Protech $3,040.00 View Product
Viking Haztech Dry Suit Product Number: Viking Haztech $2,732.00 View Product
Viking WRS Dry Suit Product Number: Viking WRS $2,185.00
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Viking 3 Piece “Arctic” Underwear Product Number: 495601 $616.00
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Viking 2 Piece Base-Layer Product Number: 495701 $474.00
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Siebe Collar Product Number: Siebe $275.00 View Product

Viking: The Best Commercial Deep Sea Diving Suits

You know you can count on your DESCO diving helmet for top-notch performance dive after dive. Make sure you have a deep sea diving suit providing the same level of protection. For the best commercial dry suit in any situation, look no further than DESCO’s selection of Viking dry suits. Designed for use in a variety of applications in the harshest settings, Viking dry suits provide dependable service in any commercial application. Whether you need a high-performance dry suit for ship repairs or a heavy-duty chemical resistant suit for use in a corrosive environment, DESCO has the dry suit for you.

Rubber Dry Suits Offer Reliable Protection

Low-maintenance, easy-to-clean rubber dry suits protect divers in any setting. All Viking rubber dry suits are made with taped and stitched inner seams protected by a Vulcanized outer seam. Reinforced shoulders, zipper, seat and thighs prevent wear from compromising the suit prematurely. Absolutely watertight, rubber dry suits can be used in contaminated water with confidence. The Viking HDS is a heavy-duty rubber dry suit specifically developed for use in chemical and high-abrasion environments. The rubber dry suits sold by DESCO can be cleaned and repaired quickly, so you can keep your divers in the water with very little downtime.

Lightweight PU Dry Suits for Hot, Contaminated Water

Overheating is a serious risk to hot water drivers. PU dry suits are seam welded, lightweight suits made of polyurethane, allowing users to dive in warm water without risk. Previously the realm of rubber dry suits, contaminated water can be entered safely with the Viking Haztech dry suit. Hot and cold water dives are possible with the Viking Haztech, which has been tested for flex cracking down to -40°C. Smooth exterior finishes allow for easy cleaning and added abrasion resistance while the nylon interior provides divers with the comfort needed for extended commercial dives. Underwater welding, construction and other commercial dive applications are easier to accomplish thanks to the lightweight design of PU dry suits. PU dry suits from DESCO are a great alternative to heavy rubber suits.

Trilaminate Dry Suits Available for a Variety of Applications

Constructed of rubber along with two layers of cordura, nylon or polyester, the Viking trilaminate dry suits are the perfect choice when puncture resistance is key. Both the Viking VSN and VTS dry suits are strong, puncture-resistant suits for use by commercial divers. DESCO’s offering of commercial dry suits is not limited to divers. Work crews working in and near water will be protected with the Viking SRS and WRS dry suits. Watertight and extremely lightweight, these trilaminate dry suits are ideal for non-divers working close to or wading in freezing water. Whether you need protection from freezing water exposure or dangerous underwater repairs, DESCO has a large selection of Viking dry suits designed to meet your specific diving needs.

Contact the Viking dry suit suppliers at DESCO for assistance with choosing the right dry suit for you or your firm.

Viking Dry Suits