Deep Sea Diving

Deep Sea Diving Apparel and Memorabilia

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Belt Buckle - Brass Finish Product Number: 60230 $22.00 View Product
Belt Buckle - Pewter Product Number: 60230P $25.25 View Product
Belt Buckle - Navy Style with Mark V Helmet Logo and Belt Product Number: 60230N $21.00 View Product
Baseball Cap Product Number: 60277 $26.50 View Product
Belt Buckle - Navy Style with Diver Down Logo and Belt Product Number: 60230D $17.00 View Product
Zippo Lighter, Chrome w/Mark V helmet logo Product Number: 60221C $31.00 View Product
Zippo Lighter Brass w/ Mark V Logo Product Number: 60221B $31.00 View Product
Under the 7 Seas T'shirt Product Number: 60322 $20.00 View Product
DESCO Knit Hat (watch cap) Product Number: 60222 $20.00 View Product
Denim Shirt Product Number: 60293 $46.25 View Product
DESCO Sweatshirt Product Number: 60300 $42.00 View Product
T-Shirt Mark V Helmet Line Drawing Product Number: 60294 $20.00 View Product
T-Shirt Salvage Tag / Mark V Drawing Product Number: 60297 $31.50 View Product
T-Shirt DESCO Company Logo Product Number: 60302 $20.00 View Product
T-Shirt Diver & Hand Pump Product Number: 60304 $25.25 View Product
Leather wallet w/Mark V logo Product Number: 60278 $63.00 View Product
Mark V Helmet Pandora Style Bracelet Charm Product Number: 60212P $63.00 View Product
Gunner Stillson T shirt Product Number: 60321 $26.25 View Product
Zippo Lighter-Morse Product Number: M1101 $57.75 View Product
Letterhead T Shirt Product Number: 60314 $20.00 View Product
Kevlar 3 finger mitts Product Number: 26016 $60.00
View Product
LMCDO Event Shirt Product Number: LM001 $15.00
View Product
LMCDO event shirt/womens Product Number: LM002 $15.00
View Product
Skull Hat/Knit Product Number: 60247 $21.00 View Product
AJMS T shirt Product Number: 60315 $22.00 View Product

Deep Sea Diving Clothing and Antique Diving Accessories to Show Your Diving Pride

Show your DESCO spirit and passion for deep sea diving today. We offer a variety of deep dive inspired apparel and diving collectors suitable for every season and climate. From baseball caps and knit hats to belts and t-shirts, DESCO allows you to sport your love of the sea proudly. We also carry specialty items such as our brass and pewter statement belt buckles to our custom pistol holder and cartridge belt. Think fashion forward while expressing your deep dive pride. The DESCO diving apparel make for great gifts for any occasion. From our Bottle Pouch Hoodie to our Mark V leather wallet, the deep sea diver in your life will love our one-of-a-kind diving keepsakes.

Deep Sea Divers are part of a long, proud line of Naval history. The deep water diving legacy is a highly-respected tradition of courage and skill. Now you can proclaim this outstanding deep sea diving history, bringing it right up to the present. Depict deep sea diving equipment by wearing it proudly. Express your love for deep sea diving suits, diving helmets and other deep water diving equipment in a variety of ways. DESCO offers it all-from belt buckles and leather belts to zippo lighters and baseball caps. The more you look through our inventory, the more great diving-themed items you'll find for you or for the special diver in your life. Our sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, leather wallets and bracelet charms make unique deep sea diving gifts.

You won't have to dive deep into your wallet either. The prices are great!

Shop our full selection of deep sea diving equipment now and be sure to browse through our popular selection of commercial and deep sea diving helmets available online.
Deep Sea Diving Apparel and Memorabilia