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Door Knocker Product Number: 60287 $63.00 View Product
U. S. Navy Divers Plaque Product Number: 60288 $210.00 View Product
Mark V Helmet Plaque Product Number: 60289 $262.50 View Product
Poster - The Soldering Line Product Number: 60316-1 $21.00 View Product
Poster - The Assembly Line Product Number: 60316-2 $21.00 View Product
Poster - Ready to Ship Product Number: 60316-3 $21.00 View Product
Helmet Stand Product Number: 60290 $157.50 View Product
Schrader Pump Door Product Number: S0020 $500.00 View Product
LMCDO Decal Product Number: LM005 $5.00 View Product
Jake Stand Product Number: JS-1 $650.00 View Product
Dive Rally Coaster Product Number: LM006 $7.50 View Product
1950's DESCO logo sticker Product Number: 60338 $8.50 View Product

Shop Diving Decor to Show Your Deep Sea Diving Pride at Home

Express your love for deep diving in your home. Bring the sea to the comfort of your home with unique decorations and accents. We offer limited time specialty items, so don’t miss out. Choose from door knockers, vintage posters, display racks and statues. Each item is carefully designed to bring deep sea diving to life in a uniquely vintage fashion. Great conversation starters for your lake house, office or basement.

Decor is the first thing a guest sees upon entering a home. Your decor can depict who you are and what your interests are. Let your guests know you're a deep sea diver enthusiast with our unique diving decorations. The chance of seeing a Diving Suit Statue, a Deep Sea Diver Door Knocker or a U. S. Navy Divers Plaque anywhere else is slim. Don't forget to check out our company posters. They are nostalgic treasures of our old factory during Word War II. Offered in black and white, these posters are a timeless piece of art and great for any room of the house. The Dive Helmet Stand is always a conversation starter along with being practical, especially since it’s authentic! DESCO celebrates deep sea diving every day by offering the finest deep water diving decorations.

You'll get a lot of high fives when you give your décor the Deep Six!

Shop our unique deep sea diving home décor here and browse our vast variety of deep sea diving accessories available online now.
Diving Décor