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Stillson Concept Diving Helmet

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Limited Edition Stillson Helmet (100th Anniversary)

In 1912 Gunners Mate George David Stillson was critical of the shortcomings of the U.S. Navy's diving program. He was given the task of designing a standard Navy helmet. Three years later he issued the Report on Deep Sea Diving Tests 1915. The DESCO Stillson helmet is our faithful interpretation of the design that appeared on the cover of that "Report".

Although changes were made to his design after the report was issued it remains the precursor to what is now the "classic" U.S. Navy Mark V Helmet.


Even though the helmet is a work of art it is also a completely functioning dive helmet. 

Features of the DESCO Stillson Concept Helmet:

1. Uses a Commercial breastplate without loops or a seal bead.
2. Uses commercial style bubble shell.
3. Has a screw down lock assembly.
4. Flanged wingnuts on breastplate similar to Sponge type with "Mickey Mouse ears". Other wing nuts look like standard Mark V type.
5. Air hose and communications line clamping fair leads attached to the neck ring.
6. Neck ring is a non-recessed type.
7. Spitcock is made in reverse of a normal Mark V one, and is mounted on the right side of the helmet
8. Exhaust valve is mounted below the right window. The banana tube is short without an end tab for a rivet.
9. Exhaust valve is a single spring Morse type with an 8 point handle.
10. The side window guards have a single bar cross. 11. The top window guard is similar to a commercial top window guard.
12. The front door glass is installed from the front like the top and side glass.
13. The door and toggle bolt hinge pins are rounded on top like a rivet and held in place by peening.
14. The transceiver is mounted to the left of the front door where the spitcock on Mark V helmets would be.
15. The communications and air inlet elbows point downward.

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