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Last Chance Deep Sea Diving Equipment and Miscellaneous Items

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Discontinued Items Product Number: Call For Price View Product
Diver coming up Product Number: 60306 $10.00 View Product
Diver heading down Product Number: 60307 $10.00 View Product
Diver & Mermaid Product Number: 60305 $10.00 View Product
1870's Deep Sea Litho Shirt Product Number: 60303 $10.00 View Product
The Diver Product Number: 60309 $10.00 View Product
Kevlar 3 finger mitts Product Number: 26016 $60.00
View Product
Kevlar gloves Product Number: 26016-5 $60.00
View Product
Morse Pump Door Product Number: M0810 $500.00 View Product
LMCDO Decal Product Number: LM005 $5.00 View Product
Jake Stand Product Number: JS-1 $650.00 View Product
4th element under garment/New Product Number: 119400013 $616.00
View Product
Thinsulate undersuit Product Number: Hunt-suit $450.00
View Product
1950's DESCO logo sticker Product Number: 60338 $8.50 View Product
LMCDO Event Shirt Product Number: LM001 $15.00
View Product
US Navy Divers Knife Product Number: 29228-DISC $618.00
View Product
Three Bolt Neck Dam Product Number: 27036 $225.00 View Product
Heavy Metal Gen-7A Product Number: HMD7A $8,350.00 View Product

Shop Limited Quantity Deep Sea Diving Specialty Items On Sale

Don’t miss out on our specialty items that are almost out of stock or being discontinued! These are worth checking out. DESCO Corporation is continually updating and upgrading stock. This doesn’t mean we throw away the discontinued or “old”. Wondering if you can still get a discontinued product you haven’t been able to get anywhere else? Contact DESCO Corporation today and we just may have it.

There’s a lot of buried treasure here! DESCO offers only the finest deep sea diving paraphernalia, clothing and products. With a high demand for new products, DESCO has to make the space available for it. In doing so, we offer our top quality diving merchandise for less. In fact, the next time you're doing a deep dive, you'll probably see some of our low prices way down there. Be careful, though. If you see a great low price on a great quality product, act fast. Wonderful merchandise at clearance prices tends to go fast. Check back often and see what deep sea diving values are being displayed. If you see a great price on something you like, dive right in!

Shop our last chance items today and browse our full selection of deep sea and commercial diving equipment available online.
Last Chance Deep Sea Diving Equipment and Miscellaneous Items