Deep Sea Diving

Viking Dry Suits for Sale from the Deep Sea Diving Specialty Company

Viking Dry Suits offer High Quality Protection

Dive Desco is an industry expert when it comes to deep sea diving. Understanding the requirements and necessities for safe and protective diving, we now carry premium Viking Dry Suits and dry suit accessories. Viking dry suits were developed and manufactured to fulfil the needs and safety requirements amongst commercial divers.
Commercial deep sea diving applications include:

  • Fire and rescue
  • Public safety
  • Military divers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Sport and recreational divers

Whether you’re diving in contaminated water, hazardous temperatures or surface diving, the entire line of Viking Dry Suits is designed to meet specific diving needs. Viking Dry Suits provide the highest quality of construction while offering complete:

  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Compatibility

Featured Dry Suits

Viking Pro Dry Suit

The Viking Pro Dry Suit is made of red or black EPDM/Natural Rubber with two-way stretch polyester lining. The suit is fitted with rotating inlet and exhaust valves and heavy duty zippers. The suit is equipped with black integrated reinforcements from the foot over the knee to the seat. Boots are fitted with fin-strap holders. The garment material is a strong and flexible knitted polyester fabric coated on one side with a blend of un-vulcanized natural rubber and synthetic EPDM rubber. Stitched seams are covered on the outside with rubber tape of the same rubber blend as the suit material. When all seams are covered the suit is then vulcanized to provide sealed and watertight seams. This vulcanizing process provides the protection divers need and depend on. A latex hood is glued to the dry suit with the neck seal glued under the hood.

Viking HD Dry Suit

The Viking HD Dry Suit is considered an industry standard when it comes to deep sea diving attire. The heavy duty material resists harsh diving elements. The low maintenance features offer little downtown for repairs and cleaning.

Viking SRS Dry Suit

Surface diving is common amongst government agencies including fire and rescue. The Viking SRS Dry Suit is constructed with a lightweight material which allows for ease of comfort when task performing. Surface diving suits are available with a variety of options including footwear, cuffs and neck options.

Shop the entire line of Viking Dry Suits online along with our dry suit accessories to complete all your deep sea diving needs today.