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Viking SRS Dry Suit

Viking Dry Suit-SRS

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Viking Dry Suit-SRS
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Product Features

This Viking SRS Dry Suit is a new addition to our Viking Dry Suit collection.  Designed specifically for surface use, this dry suit is made from Nylon/Butyl/Nylon Trilaminate materials.  The Viking SRS dry suit offers maximum durability while maintaining a lightweight comfort for effortless transportation. This suit comes equipped with shaped knee pads and guard plates providing extended durability. The external seams are stitched together with an elastic tape for added security while the inside seams are vulcanized. This Vulca-Seam technology seals the inside seams by pre-treating them with a solution and fastening them with rubber tape.

Viking SRS Dry Suit Features

  • 350 gm/ m2 Nylon/Butyl/Nylon material
  • Lightweight, hardwearing and puncture and abrasion resistant
  • Smooth exterior finish
  • Available in Black/Black, Black/Red or Black/Yellow
  • 450 gm2 Cordura/Butyl/Polyester material may be specified upon request (available in the same color combinations as above)
  • Trilaminate suits must be worn with an undersuit, as the material provides limited insulation
  • Fitted with medium duty non-magnetic zips (zippers is gas and watertight)
  • SOLAS reflectors are inserted on the front and back of wrists, back of legs and upper arms

Viking SRS Dry Suit Neck Seal and Hood Options

A variety of hood and neck seal options are available for the Viking SRS Dry Suit, including attachable latex or neoprene seals. For a quick release, a quick connect collar is also available.

Viking SRS Cuffs and Cuff Rings

Latex cuffs can be attached to the dry suit sleeve or used with cuff rings. This Viking SRS surface dry suit allows for cuff ring mounting to the sleeve or fitted to an attached wrist seal.

Viking SRS Dry Suit Footwear

Surface rescue suits are available with a variety of foot options which are taped to the legs of the dry suit. Latex socks are usually worn over the rubber neoprene boots or boot of choice.

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