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Mark V Helmet Pandora Style Bracelet Charm

Mark V Helmet Pandora Bracelet Charm

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Mark V Helmet Pandora Bracelet Charm

This sterling silver charm is a beautifully rendered miniature of one of the best-known diving helmets in the world—the iconic US Navy Mark V Dive Helmet.

Developed by US Navy gunner George D. Stillson, the Mark V was used by the Navy from 1916 until 1984, when it was replaced by a fiberglass version of the helmet. Originally manufactured by Morse and Schrader, DESCO joined the production effort in 1942 to help meet wartime demand and built over 3000 Mark V and Navy Helium Helmets during the war years. The brass Mark V is still used by many commercial divers and enthusiasts.

Measuring 5/8” in height, this diminutive tribute to the Mark V is sized for Pandora® style and similar charm bracelets. With extensive modifications, it could also be adapted for use by potato bugs on undersea reconnaissance missions.

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