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DSL B-2 Lightweight Diving Helmet Product Number: DSL B2 Call For Price View Product
Three Light Commercial Diving Helmet - Heavyweight Product Number: 29134 $5,700.00 View Product
Heavyweight - Four Light Commercial Helmet Product Number: 29134A $6,100.00 View Product
DESCO Fisheries Helmet Product Number: 29500 $5,850.00 View Product
Browne Commercial Diving Helmet - Lightweight Product Number: 29400 $6,500.00 View Product
Lightweight - Sponge Divers Helmet Product Number: 29118 $5,600.00 View Product
Lightweight - Abalone Divers Helmet Product Number: 29211 $5,850.00 View Product
Lightweight - Agar Divers Helmet Product Number: 29198 $5,600.00 View Product
DESCO Shallow Water Helmet (One light) Product Number: 59027 $5,330.00 View Product
Mark V Diving Helmet Product Number: 29103 $6,780.00 View Product
Browne Utility Diving Helmet Product Number: 29132 $6,200.00 View Product
Stillson Concept Helmet Product Number: 29600 $8,000.00 View Product
U.S. Navy Helium Mark V Diving Helmet w/Double Exhaust Valve (Late Version) Product Number: 29019D $11,400.00 View Product
U.S. Navy Helium Helmet w/Single Exhaust Valve (early version) Product Number: 29019 $10,660.00 View Product
DESCO Nuclear Diving Helmet Product Number: 29134N $6,780.00 View Product
DESCO Shallow Water Helmet (Four light) Product Number: 59027D1 $6,050.00 View Product
DESCO Lightweight Commercial Product Number: 29134A-M $6,420.00 View Product

Deep Sea Diving Helmets for Your Next Underwater Adventure

Deep sea diving adventures require extended safety measures. DESCO provides you with a variety of carefully crafted superior quality diving helmets. Feel safe and secure leagues under the sea by choosing one of our fine commercial and deep sea diving helmets. DESCO offers a great variety of diving helmet to suit every diver. We carry lightweight commercial diving helmets such as sponge, abalone, agar and Browne, as well as heavy commercial helmets for a range of jobs as tough as nuclear to lighter fishery excursions. We also carry specialty diving helmets like shallow water and Stillson concept helmets. Need something specific? DESCO Corporation will customize or modify any commercial and deep sea diving helmet to your specifications and necessities. Contact us today for more details.

Shop our entire line of commercial and deep sea diving helmets, diving accessories including our U.S. Navy Divers knife, custom water skis, Viking Dry Suits and be sure to check out all of our other commerical dive gear online now.
Commercial and Deep Sea Diving Helmets