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DESCO 29019 Mark V Diving Helmet

U.S. Navy Helium Helmet w/Single Exhaust Valve (early version)

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Navy Helium Helmet with Single Exhaust Valve (early version)

This is the early model standard U.S. Navy Helium/Oxygen Mixed Gas Diving Helmet based on the standard Mark V Diving Helmet. The main feature of this diving helmet is the canister mounted on the rear of the helmet and a venturi system allowing for recirculation of breathing gas to conserve Helium. The canister was filled with a scrubbing agent to remove Carbon Dioxide from the breathing mix. The breastplate is the same as a normal Mark V except the lock assembly is relocated to the front. All other parts are the same as a standard Mark V except for the omission of the spitcock valve, some additional ducting, and a extra communications elbow which the Navy used to connect electrically heated underwear to a power source. The canister can be removed and with the canister elbows capped the helmet can function as a normal Mark V. Original single exhaust Helium helmets did not have a lifting eye. We offer the lifting eye as an option on both styles of USN Helium Helmets. Standard finish is Tin plate but the helmet is also available polished($250.00 additional for polished helmet). Shipping weight with canister approximately 93 lbs. The U.S. Navy Mark V Helium Helmet is available in two versions. DESCO can produce either style of this helmet for you. The Early Single Exhaust Valve Version: The early version has the standard Mark V exhaust valve with a exhaust tube extending to the back of the helmet. The Later Double Exhaust Valve Version: It was found that seawater could leak back into the helmet through the single exhaust valve. Interaction between the seawater and Baralyme created chlorine gas which endangered the diver. The newer helmet incorporates a Double Exhaust Valve on top of the helmet. The assembly essentially makes the helmet a triple exhaust helmet. This change was made in the early 1950's.

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