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Browne Utility Diving Helmet

Browne Utility Diving Helmet

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DESCO 29131 Browne Utility Diving Helmet with Wrap Around Window

The Desco 29131 Browne Utility Diving Helmet is a low volume, free flow commercial diving hat. It is direct descendant of the original U.S. Navy Buie Helium Helmet development program. The Browne Utility Helmet features a wrap around window, integrated air inlet/non-return valve elbow, and double exhaust valve. The air inlet elbow has the non-return valve built in. It used similar technology to the USN non-return valve of the period. The transceiver receptacle doubles as a telephone cup and communications elbow. It is made to mate to the U.S. Navy combination lifeline and cable plug for superior deep sea diving solutions. The double exhaust valve developed for the Buie Mixed Gas Helmet was very innovative for its time. This exhaust arrangement was rare at the time (the USN Helium Helmet would not receive a double exhaust valve until the 1950's). Double exhaust valves wouldn't become standard on many helmets until the 1980's and 90's. The Browne Utility Helmet neck ring will accept the DESCO Air Hat neck dam or a dry suit fitted with a DESCO yoke. Standard features include: Wrap around acrylic window, Integrated air inlet and non-return valve, Double exhaust valve, Transceiver receptacle that integrates the telephone cup and communications elbow into one installation Options: Small Spitcock, Buie type top window.

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