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DESCO 29118 Diving Helmet

Lightweight - Sponge Divers Helmet

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Product Number: 29118
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Product Features

Desco 29118 Sponge Lightweight Diving Helmet

The DESCO 29118 "Lightweight" series of diving helmets are of the same materials and constructions as their heavier brothers with considerable less weight. This commercial diving helmet has been expertly designed for extensive deep sea diving. Like all DESCO products, this diving helmet is constructed to last.

The Sponge Divers Helmet features a screw in faceplate. The side and top windows are secured with rings threaded into the bases and are without guards. The exhaust valve is a non-adjustable head butt type. The non-return valve is integrated into the air inlet elbow. Breastplate loops, spitcock, and communications are optional features of this diving helmet collection. Standard finish is tin plated but the helmet can be ordered polished as pictured above ($250.00 additional for polished helmet). Shipping weight is approximately 39 lbs.

Options for lightweight diving helmets:

  • Communications system Cat. No. 21300
  • Spitcock P/N 29035
  • Breastplate loops P/N 21149 (standard on Abalone)
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