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Viking HDS Deep Sea Diving Dry Suit

Viking HDS Dry Suit

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Product Features

The Viking HDS dry suit sets the standard amongst vulcanized rubber deep sea diving suits. Made from the unique NITECS material, this dry suit provides unsurpassed protection against chemical permeation along with extreme durability against wear and tear. Internal seams are stitched together with an elastic tape for security. The external seams are vulcanized with a 25 mm rubber tape, chemically bonding the seams together ensuring watertight seams.
Each Viking HAD dry suit comes supplied with suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit and zip care materials.

Unique Viking HDS Diving Suit Features

  • Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals including hydrocarbons
  • 5 times more abrasion resistant than PRO material
  • Easy to clean and repair
  • NITECS material is an HNBR rubber compound, coated onto a 2-way stretch knitted black polyester lining
  • All black
  • Extension and shortening of arm and leg length is possible and offered separately
  • Additional layer of NITECS reinforcing material with a textured non-slip surface protecting high wear areas such as around the zipper and across the shoulders
  • The trouser area is also protected and extends around the thighs down to the knees and down the front of the legs and over the boots
  • A 90 cm long non-magnetic heavy duty zipper is placed across the shoulders

Viking HDS Dry Suit Valves

Standard configuration includes the following mounted on rubber backing discs:

  • Viking Hazmat inlet valve, positioned centrally on the chest (military version fitted with non-mag inlet valve)
  • Hose: CEJN fitting, 80 cm long (military version supplied with non-mag hose)
  • Viking X2 exhaust valve, placed on the upper left arm (military version fitted with non-mag exhaust valve)

Viking HDS Dry Suit Neck Seal

The Viking HD dry suit is fitted with a Surveyor latex neck seal as standard.  For an alternative option, Desco offers a Viking Quick Connect collar system which allows for quick changing of broken seals.

Viking HDS Dry Suit Hood Options

Viking HDS suits MUST be fitted with a hood for diving in contaminated water conditions. We recommend the Magnum HDS hood which is manufactured from the same material as the suit.

Viking HDS Dry Suit Cuffs

Latex PRO cuffs are the standard fitment. Alternatively the suit can be fitted with a HDS cuff ring system or the Viking Bayonet Ring System. Both systems make the fitment of rubber gloves possible.

Viking HDS Dry Suit Footwear

The standard boots are an extension of the leg, where a heavy duty flexible HDS rubber sole is stitched and taped to the end. The outsole features a non-slip surface for grip. Alternative boot options are available.

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