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Mark V Helmet Stand

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Product Features

Diving Helmet Display Stand

DESCO helmet stands are made from oak with a red oak stain and brass screws. Each helmet stand is made to fit a specific type of helmet. Mark V, Commercial, Lightweight and Shallow Water diving helmet breastplates have distinctive shapes so the stand must be made to fit a particular type. Whether you collect antique diving helmets or use them for commercial diving, our helmet display stands are great for storing and protecting all diving helmets. 

When ordering please specify the type of helmet you are purchasing the stand for. The drop down menu has most standard helmets listed. 

Notes: Fitment may not be good on older helmets who's breastplate may have been bent in or splayed.  Contact DESCO for information on how to tell if your breastplate is not true.

DESCO has had to change suppliers for our helmet stands and they are different in style and color from the earlier ones. This is a consideration if you already own DESCO helmet stands as the new ones will not match.