Deep Sea Diving

Authentic U.S. Nave Diver Knife

Authentic. Not a reproduction. This knife is still purchased by the U.S. Navy from DESCO.

Probably the most useful tool of all is the US Navy Divers Knife (often erroneously referred to as a Mark V knife). This knife has a Brass cylindrical sheath, a threaded hilt which allows the knife to be screwed into the sheath, and a double edged blade. The knife itself is composed of four parts, the blade, the Brass threaded hilt, the Maple handle, and the Brass handle nut. The blade is tool grade Steel with a saw tooth on one side and cutting edge on the other. The handle nut (or button nut) and hilt are machined from free cutting Brass. The handle is clear Maple and dip coated with Spar varnish.