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Air Hat Shipping Issue

Today we received a Air Hat we shipped to a West Coast dealer last month. The helmet had arrived to them damaged. The UPS driver made a note of the box damage when he delivered it. When opened the handle on the air control valve was marred and the valve stem was bent.  We also got back the owners manual from the helmet. All fifteen pages have been ripped through. The dealer sent photos of the box which they still have. It is a mess. One side appears to be patched with a piece of cardboard and clear tape. There are two holes in another side (where the manual and air control valve are located.

UPS was notified and a adjuster from their insurance company came out to inspect. We were notified by the insurance company that our packing of the helmet was insufficient so the claim was denied. The Air Hats have been packed the same way for over thirty years. There is a double bottom placed in each box to support the helmet. Sections of saved mailing tube are cut and placed over the air control valve and exhaust valve. They serve as shield for the valves and also prevent the helmet from moving inside the box. Spacers are also placed at the front loop and tail so the helmet can't move forward or backwards. The box is then packed (firmly) with Styrofoam peanuts. This system has worked well. Any packing method will not stand against excessively poor handling by the shipping company. UPS suggests we wrap the helmets in bubble wrap instead of using packing peanuts. Since whatever hit this box (or this box hit) penetrated the cardboard wall and a fifteen page manual, and bent a 1/4" thick Stainless Steel valve stem it's likely bubble wrap would not have faired better, and probably worse. Below are photos, judge for yourself.

Damaged Box during shipping of air hat Damaged box during shipping of DESCO air hat
Air Hat valve stem damage during shipping Valve stem damage to DESCO air hat
Air hat manual damaged during shipping DESCO air hat manual damaged during shipping

Below are photos of the helmet being repacked after repair. This is a standard packing job no different than a thousand times previous.

Air Hat standard packing Standard packing for DESCO air hat

This helmet order is going half way around the world. Packed the same as the helmet above. We expect it to arrive intact just like the previous thirty did.

DESCO air hat order ready for shipping

If you receive a package from us which has apparent damage make sure the delivery driver notes it before leaving. Contact DESCO and the shipping company immediately so the package can be inspected and a claim filed. Since you have the package in your possession it must be inspected at your location. Further transport of the package before inspection will null a damage claim.