Deep Sea Diving

Russian 3 Bolt Modification

Russian 3 Bolt Modification 9/3/13

We received a Russian 3 Bolt helmet for some mods. The customer wanted a plastic
screw in window, swap ot the weight studs for loops, a standard non-return valve, a integrated air control valve, Browne Commercial style exhaust valve, bailout whip capability, and binding posts. His intention is to dive it like a shallow water helmet but with the addition of a neck dam in place of the drysuit. He also wanted additional breastplate loops for a Air Hat jock.

The standard Mk V air elbow wouldn't work so we had to use a Stillson elbow. The Russian comm cup was where the ACV needed to go so we made a patch and moved the comms to the opposite side above the windows. The helmet uses a Nuclear helmet diffuser inside. The bailout elbow is the old Air Hat single setup. The air from the bailout source tees into the air train before the ACV giving the diver the ability to control air flow at the helmet.