Deep Sea Diving

DESCO is in the process of having new e-commerce website

As stated on the home page we are in the process of building a new e-commerce website to replace the generic one we now have. We hired a local company to build the site and advise us on making it more effective and useful that the current one. Their first piece of advise was to consolidate our multiple websites into one. Since they are the experts and we are paying a silly amount  of money for this project we have to defer to their wisdom. The and websites will be discontinued when the new website goes live. Most of the content will migrate over to Product information will be consolidated and historical info regrouped.

From the sample site we have seen the storefront will be much much better than what we have now. The appearance is nicer and the product photos will be larger and clearer. There will be more room for descriptions and the text will be easier to read. As with the old storefront the site will be secure so your credit card and personal information is safe.

They have a plan for the galleries but we don't know what exactly that is yet. There are over 1500 images on the site. They told us they had never seen a website with that many images before. We will try and give some warning when the change will occur. We are in week 18 of a 20 week estimated time frame so it should happen in the next couple of weeks. Once the new is active the other domains will direct visitors to for a period of time, then be shut down. Thank you to everyone who has visited and A special thank you to those who have contributed stories and photos.

We received a request to come out with a new Mark V charm to fit the Pandora® bracelet. The Sterling Silver charm is a 3D rendition of the iconic US Navy Mark V Diving Helmet. The charm is 5/8" high.

Mark V Helmet Pandora® Bracelet Charm    $45.00

Mark V Helmet Bracelet Charm