Deep Sea Diving

Leather Shoe Uppers

Eleven months ago we announced that we were bringing back leather uppers for the diving shoes. These uppers are similar to the US Navy designed ones from World War Two. The decision to return them to the product line was prompted by a request from a notable collector and classic equipment sport diver.

Last week our leather supplier brought in three pairs of uppers, one Tan, one Brown, and one Dark Brown.

They are heavy stitched and riveted. Three belts with Brass Buckles span over the lacings. These new uppers have a Mark V logo stamped into the tongue. The Leather shoes can be ordered in lightweight or heavyweight types. The Lightweight ones can also be ordered with rubber over soles. The uppers can also be ordered as replacement parts.

29077L Shoes, Diving, U.S. Navy, Heavyweight (Leather Uppers)                                     
29078L Shoes, Diving, U.S. Navy, Lightweight (Leather Uppers)
29078LR Shoes, Diving, U.S. Navy, Lightweight (Leather Uppers) (Rubber Over Soles)  
29064/5L Shoe Uppers - Replacement, Leather w/screw