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DESCO is introducing its own Neoprene Kevlar Divers Gloves

DESCO Neoprene Kevlar Divers Gloves
DESCO introduces its own Neopren Kevlar Divers Gloves

The new Desco Diving Gloves are economical while being durable. These gloves are made from 3 mil Neoprene, with the palms, inside fingers and finger tips covered with Kevlar. The wrists have straps with Velcro. Used as over gloves they will add a layer of protection for the Latex gloves worn in contaminated diving. The gloves are soft and supple so they won't impede dexterity.

Christian Koellner is a avid duck hunter. Each year he would buy a new pair of hunting gloves which would barely make it through the season.  Working at DESCO he was familiar with the Kevlar reinforced diving gloves. Christian thought they would work great for setting duck decoys but were too expensive for hunting. He decided to have a divers type Kevlar glove made with a camo pattern which would appeal to any hunters who will deal with cold and or wet conditions. What Christian came up with is a economically priced pair of divers gloves that would also be excellent gloves for sportsmen too.

A must have item if you hunt ducks while diving.

Sizes from XL to XXXL. The price is $29.00 per pair.

Catalog No. 30030 Extra Large
Catalog No. 30031 XX-Large
Catalog No. 30032 XXX-Large

For more information contact Ric or Christian at 414-272-2371 or