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Browne Commercial Diving Helmet - Lightweight

Lightweight - Browne Commercial Diving Helmet

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DESCO 29400 Commercial Diving Helmet

DESCO Browne Commercial Diving Helmet – Lightweight

For decades, DESCO has been providing the most superior diving helmets and equipment. The DESCO 29400 Commercial Diving Helmet is no exception. The Browne Commercial Diving Helmet is designed to keep you safe and secure during even the most extensive deep sea diving excursions. The DESCO "Lightweight" series of helmets are of the same high quality materials and constructions as their heavier brothers. They have considerably less weight and volume than the "heavies". All these diving helmets share the Lightweight (Sponge) pattern breastplate and top shell, with modifications to suit varying customer and market demands.

29400 Browne Commercial Diving Helmet

The Superior Commercial Diving Helmet Divers Trust

The Browne Commercial Diving Helmet is similar in design to the Japanese and Bob Kirby deep sea diving helmets favored by many commercial divers. Its standard features include oversized windows sealed with O-rings, an integrated air control valve, a large air diffuser/muffler, a low profile air/communications block, and a double exhaust valve. The air inlet can be adapted to a variety of hose fittings including 1 1/16"-17, 9/16"-18 Oxygen, and JIC. The commercial diving helmet is fitted with a four wire Marsh Marine type plug set up for two wire operation, but can be adapted in the field for four wire operation with the addition of a microphone.

Browne Commercial Diving Helmet Constructed with Proven Design

The exhaust of the Browne Commercial Diving Helmet uses the proven U.S. Navy Mark V valve as the primary stage and a rubber flapper valve secondary stage. This arrangement significantly reduces the chance of water leaking back through the exhaust valve. The breastplate is a standard lightweight type used on the Sponge, Abalone, and Agar Helmets. The bolt pattern and shape is similar to the Japanese, Chinese, and the fiberglass breastplates in use today. A pair of combination lashing post/eyelets is standard, but Mark V loops or no fittings are an option. This deep sea diving helmet comes standard in heavy tin plating. Browne Commercial Diving Helmets provide the option for breastplate loops P/N 21149 in lieu of the lashing post/eyelet. Shipping weight approximately 45 lbs.

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