Deep Sea Diving

The DESCO Light Duty Diving Outfit

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Product Number: 61350
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Product Features

The DESCO Light Duty Diving Outfit is designed for use on jobs where heavier gear would be a liability. Cleaning swimming pools, hull inspections, dock inspections, and lost item recoveries are a few of the jobs this package is designed for. The working depth of the outfit is limited to 30 feet. The 2hp compressor with 4.5 gallon capacity holding tank provides ample air for normal single diver operations. The holding tank provides an emergency reserve if needed, to allow the diver reaction time in an emergency. The electric powered compressor is 120 volt AC, with a ground fault circuit interrupter adapter supplied with the unit. The mask is the DESCO Commercial Free Flow with the air control valve on the mask. The airflow rate can be easily adjusted to the divers comfort level.

DESCO's Light Duty Diving Outfit INCLUDES:

  • Compressor: Cat. No. 61351 - 2 HP electric, twin piston, oil-less, 4.5 gallon capacity holding tank. Air delivery 5 cfm @ 90 psi, maximum pressure 200 psi.
    A removable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter adapter is supplied with the unit.
    Compressor weight is 83 lbs/37.65 kg
  • Hose: Cat. No. 61352 - 100’ X 3/8” I.D. floating non-toxic air breathing hose with brass fittings, stainless steel clamps. Working pressure of 250#, PVC cover is UV and weather resistant
  • Mask: Cat. No. 59069-C - DESCO Commercial Free Flow Diving Mask with air control valve and check valve.
  • Weight Belt: Cat. No. 61353- SCUBA style weightbelt with four 3 lb weights and one 2lb bullet weight with a brass snap. The weight belt also comes with an umbilical hose clamp (Cat No. 61354)
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