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Viking VTS-3 Dry Suit

Viking VTS-3 Dry Suit

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Product Features

The Viking VTS Dry Suit, Version 3 is made with Polyester/Butyl/Polyester Tri-Laminate material to ensure maximum protection for a variety of diving applications above or below sea level. Designed to resist punctures and abrasions, this dry suit is utilized for its strength and protective features.  The vulcanized seams ensure both internal and external seams are properly and permanently sealed.  The light weight material provides an ease of transporting, cleaning and storing.  From deep sea diving sports to commercial diving including police and fire rescue teams, the Viking VTS, Version 3 Dry Suit offers the protection and comfort you need while deep sea diving.

Viking VTS-3 Key Features

  • Polyester / Butyl / Polyester weighing 400 g/m this is softer than the other 2 materials while still strong & puncture resistant
  • Extremely strong & water tight Vulcanized seams
  • Front entry and back entry available
  • Rubber coated Neoprene boots with fin-tabs
  • Integrated suspenders for ease of wear
  • Available with NEW Quick Connect Neck Ring System

Viking VTS-3 Dry Suit Neck Seal and Hood Options 

  • Inlet Valve
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Inflator Hose
  • Suspenders
  • Bellows Latex Neck seal
  • Bellows Cuffs

Viking VTS-3 Dry Suit Footwear

Rubber coated 5 mm neoprene boots with a fin retainer are fitted as standard.

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