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Viking VSN Dry Suit

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Product Features

This Viking Dry Suit offers high-quality comfort and flexibility.  Constructed with a unique, triple layered rubber material, this Viking Dry Suit is designed for heavy commercial diving needs including military and police diving. Resistant to high abrasions, this dry suit provides reliable exposure in extreme diving applications. Shaped knee pads with guard plates are fitted to the legs above and below the knees providing extended durability. External seams are stitched together with an elastic tape for added security. The Viking VSN Dry Suit’s inside seams are pre-treated with a solution then covered with rubber tape and vulcanized. This process, also known as Vulca- Seam technology, ensures seams are completely sealed and watertight.

Viking VSN Dry Suit Features

  • Trilaminate construction
  • NR/EPDM rubber
  • External and internal knitted Armatex jersey nylon
  • Average material weight 1100 +/- 100 g/m2
  • Non compressible ensuring complete buoyancy and insulation
  • Available in black

Viking VSN Dry Suit Valves

  • Inlet valve is 360 degrees and positioned on chest
  • Viking X2 exhaust valve placed on the upper left arm

Viking VSN Dry Suit Neck Seal and Hood Options

Neoprene and latex hoods can be permanently attached to this suit. A configuration with a neck seal only option is available (neoprene and latex neck seals as well as neoprene warm neck collar available). Hood option will then use a separate neoprene hood.

Viking VSN Cuffs and Cuff Rings

  • Latex cuffs can be attached by mounting them to the inside of your dry suit cuff rings, or for a permanent solution, glue your cuffs to the sleeves of your dry suit.
  • Dry suit cuff rings can be permanent or detach directly to the latex cuff. For permanent cuffs, rings can be glued to the sleeves with the ability to efficiently use dry gloves.

Viking VSN Dry Suit Footwear

This standard Viking VSN Dry Suit comes with rubber coated neoprene boots, sewn onto the legs of the suit. The dry suit boot comes equipped with a fin-strap retainer to prevent fins from sliding off. The standard boots are an extension of the leg, where a heavy duty flexible HDS rubber sole is stitched and taped to the end. The outsole features a non-slip surface for grip. Alternative boot options are available.

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